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Frequently Asked Questions

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Will you take on any job? 

No, I prefer being honest with my clients to ensure a project is within the capability of myself and my team. When we do a job, we want it done right and to the satisfaction of our customers!


How much is the travel fee?

This depends on how far away you are from my home address. (Happy Hollow ln. Mineral Bluff, GA. 30559)

There is no travel fee for clients within a 30min radius. 

For clients further away than 30 minutes the fee is $10 for every additional 10 minutes.

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How much experience do you have?

Before IHH,  I did a farrier's apprenticeship for two years along with my own goat's hooves at home. Afterward, I moved on to working on small farms. Through those things, I noticed the lack of availability for farriers when it comes to small animals and decided to start I Heart Hooves! 

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Things happen! Rescheduling or cancellation is no problem. For my convenience, I do ask that you provide a 24hr advanced notice. Thanks!

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Why do you only provide farrying for small animals?

I have worked on horses in the past. However, I've noticed a lack of availability in the market for smaller animals and would prefer to provide my services to them. 


What forms of payment do you accept?




Cash App ($2 fee)

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