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Hoof Care

happy farm animals

Please have your animals ready to be serviced. If they are not in a pen or corral, a chase fee will be charged. 

$10 per Sheep/Goat/Pig

$10/Animal for trimmings

$20/Animal for overgrown hooves

$5 per 1ml vile of medication if needed (A little goes a long way!)

$10 off for every 10th Animal

$90 for 10 animals

$180 for 20 animals


     *Payment due at end of session*

Farm Care

If you need a fence painted, put up, or torn down, I'm your girl!

*Payment due at end of workday*
Priced by job

Odd jobs around the farm. Fixing fencing, mucking stalls, etc.

canstruction of a barn

Not There, Don't Care!

Going away on vacation or visiting family is almost impossible when you own a farm/ homestead. Let me make that easier for you. I have plenty of farm experience and many reliable farmers that will vouch for my trustworthiness. I will stay on site and make sure all of your animals and gardens are well taken care of while you're away.

 Half of the payment is due when I do a walk-through of the home. This is to ensure I know how to properly take care of things while you're away. The other half is due when you arrive home. Payments may be made in full on the day of the home walk-through if preferred.

Day 1-5 $125/Day

Day 1) $125

Day 2) $250

Day 3) $375

Day 4) $500

Day 5) $625​

Day 6-10 +$100/Day

Day 6) $725

Day 7) $825

Day 8) $925

Day 9) $1025

Day 10) $1125

Day 11-13 +$75/Day

Day 11) $1200

Day 12) $1275

Day 13) $1350


Day 14) $1400

Prices may vary depending on homestead size.

* Some areas may require a travel fee *

For clients further than 30 minutes away from my home the fee is $10 for every additional 10 minutes. I am located in Mineral Bluff on Happy Hollow Lane.

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